50,640 Sq. Ft. Packing Facility

Excellent Packing Facility located in Lake Park, Georgia. This 50,640 Total Sq. Ft. Facility is equipped to meet your packing needs. Featuring a 30,000 sq. ft. packing shed, endless packing lines, ample office space, 7,500 sq. ft. of cooler space and Loading Dock, this property has it all. For more information on this great property, contact Mark Manley (229) 891-1377

50,640 Sq. Ft. Packing Facility
Lake Park, Georgia

Offered Exclusively by Weeks Auction Group

The Right Size Property in the Right Location

Property Address: 281 Hickory Grove Road, Lake Park, Georgia (Echols County)

List Price: $600,000

Property Inspection:
For a private showing please call Mark Manley at (229) 891-1377.

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Property Size (Acres): 5.02 Acres. 50,640 Total Sq Ft.

Year Built: 2001

Construction: Metal Roof and Reinforced Concrete Floors with (2) Coolers

Parking: Gravel Vehicles and Semis

Zoning: N/A

Electricity: On-Site

Waste: Septic Tank

Water: 4” Well Onsite

Air Conditioning: Central HVAC in Office Areas

Floors: Reinforced Concrete

Ceiling Height: Various

Internal Docks: None

External Docks: Two Space Inground Truck Well

Building Depth: Various

Elevators: None

Assessor’s Parcel Numbers:
005 030 Echols County

Important Selling Features:
  • 50,640 +/- Total Sq. Ft
  • 5.02 Acres
  • 30,000 Sq. Ft. Packing Shed
  • 1,591 Sq Ft Office Building
    • Features 6 offices
    • Kitchen / Breakroom
    • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • 5,000 Sq Ft. Loading Dock
  • Numerous Packing Lines
  • Two Coolers
    • Estimated 150 HP of Refrigeration
    • 7,500 Sq. Ft Total Cooling Space

The Carter and Sons Farm Packing Shed property is located in western Echols County, near the Lowndes County line and the town of Lake Park, Georgia.

The structure consists of a 30,000 Sq. Ft. packing shed and includes a 1,125 Sq. Ft. overhead box room. The cooler area contains two separate coolers of 5,000 sf and 2,500 sf with an estimated 150 Hp of refrigeration. An 85' x 100' open shelter with concrete floor is located in the northwest corner and is used to store bins and is the beginning of the packing line. A 50' x 100' shelter enclosed on one side with concrete floor is located in the southwest corner and it is used for storage. A 35' x 204' lean to with dirt floor is located on the west side and is also used for storage.

The packing shed is constructed of a pre-engineered steel clear span frame with a 26-gauge metal insulated roof. It appears to have 14' eaves and a 6-8" monolithic concrete slab with gutters and downspout's and is enclosed on the west side in part with 26-gauge metal. It has adequate electrical and lighting. A 7,575 Sq. Ft. concrete slab lies adjacent to the packing shed on the south side. There is a 2 bay in ground truck well located near the northeast corner of the packing shed near the coolers.

The cooler area is similar construction as the packing shed, except the interior of the cooler has foam insulation in the ceilings and walls. The walls and roof is 26 gauge steel and the frame is pre-engineered steel. The cooler is divided into two compartments and has metal racks for more efficient use of the area.

The refrigeration unit is a split system. The larger cooler has 4-Carrier 25hp units. The smaller cooler has 2-Carrier 25hp units. It was designed to maintain 45 degrees with the capability of 38 degrees. This system is rated at approximately 150 hp.

For more information contact:
Mark Manley
(229) 891-1377